DL-LS1158 laser diode

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Photonic Products has introduced the high visibility, short wavelength laser diode from Sanyo, rated to 50C, which offers a very high optical power output of 40mW CW with a low threshold current of 60mA in a 9mm package.

The DL-LS1158 638nm laser diode is part of a new range of laser diodes being developed by Sanyo with a new diode type structure, which results in a greatly improved beam circularity ratio of 2:1, compared to the previous beam circularity ratio of 4:1.

The improved beam circularity results in greater efficiency and consequently significant cost savings for OEMs and, combined with the high optical output power and high visibility, makes it an ideal laser diode for use as a light source in laser displays, laser levellers and line-markers, barcode scanners, machine vision and medical and dental imaging applications.

Supplied in a 9mm package, the diode has a high output power of 40mW CW at a visible wavelength of 638nm, a low threshold current of 60mA, low operating voltage of 2.4V, typical operating current of 100mA, a differential efficiency of 1.0mW/mA, monitoring output current of 0.4mA and an operating temperature range of -10oC to +50oC. It requires a negative (N type) power supply system.