DL-Series of Delay Line Kits

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Newport’s DL-Series of Delay Line Kits provides scientists and researchers with all the necessary components to build a complete optical delay line. These pre-selected Delay Line Kits are a convenient and economic solution for a wide range of applications where the delay between two or more light pulses needs to be varied by increments in the femtosecond or nanosecond regime. 

The DL100 and DL200 kits are designed for experiments requiring delays up to 1333ps. Both kits are based on Newport’s compact FCL Series Stepper Motor Linear Stage with either 100 or 200mm travel range. They come fully equipped with a broadband retroreflector (450-10000nm) that ensures an always perfectly parallel reflected beam with no need for adjustments. All optics and opto-mechanical components required for the setup are included.

The DL300 and DL600 kits are specifically designed for more advanced experiments requiring up to 8000ps delays and fast delay variations. They are based on Newport IMS-LM Series Linear Motor Stages for superior speed and accuracy. A dedicated XPS Motion Controller as well as the complete cable chain management for the stage are also included. Two New Focus 9848 Delay Line Mounts allow users to incorporate their own choice of ultrafast optics while both mirror surfaces are always perfectly orthogonal to each user. The DL300 and DL600 Kits contain all components required to use the delay line in a dual pass configuration and hence double the effective delay with a second optical path on the same stage. 

All four Newport DL-Series kits are equipped with high quality Suprema Series steel mirror mounts for a maximum of long-term stability. They also come with a number of iris apertures to facilitate the precise alignment of the laser beam to the delay line. An additional Suprema mount for reflecting the beam back to the experiment completes the kits.