DS20HE-1064 Series laser

Photonics Industries International has increased the power and pulse repetition rate of it DS Series diode pumped solid state lasers to 30W at 300kHz at 1,064nm.

Higher power at higher pulse repetition rates gives higher processing speed. While increased pulse energy is typically required to prove the technical feasibility of laser-based material processing, increased processing speed is generally required to prove the laser process over mechanical based material process. 

Photonics Industries’ DS20HE-1064 Series laser achieves more than 1mJ pulse energies in IR (at 1064nm) operating at a rep rate up to 300kHz with pulse widths ~130ns while still maintaining TEM00 mode quality. This higher power laser is also available in green (532nm), UV (355nm) or DUV (266nm) for a variety of material processing applications. The laser will be distributed by Laser Lines.