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The digital single-channel controller E-709.CHG from PI (Physik Instrumente) its aimed at providing highly dynamic and nanometer-precise operation of piezo-based stages with high stiffness and electrical capacitance.

These positioning systems are mainly used in applications that require high throughput such as in microscopy.

The digital technology contained within the controller increases its performance; digital control algorithms optimise the settling behaviour and minimise linear deviation. Motion and servo-control parameters can easily be set with software commands.

The piezo controller is commanded via digital SPI, USB and RS-232 interfaces. In addition, the E-709.CHG is equipped with a high-bandwidth analog interface for target values or sensor signals. The analog output can be configured for the control of external amplifiers or position values.

The software package comprises the powerful user software PIMikroMove and NanoCapture for quick start-up, as well as LabVIEW drivers and shared libraries for Windows and Linux. The systems can also be controlled with the software platforms µManager, MetaMorph or Matlab.