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Lambda Photometric is now distributing the E-761, a PCI-Bus nanopositioning controller, from Physik Instrumente (PI). Many of today’s high-tech applications in imaging, metrology, scanning microscopy and surface analysis require a combination of high-speed motion control coupled with high resolution. They also need extremely fast data acquisition and precise synchronisation between the imaging and motion control devices. Peripheral components with PCI-Bus interfaces are ideally equipped to satisfy these demands because the PCI-Bus was designed to give high bandwidth access to the microprocessor in the PC. The technology allows fast communications and easy integration with devices such as frame grabbers – a major benefit in real-time data acquisition or when operating multiple controllers simultaneously.

Features include closed-loop control of three axes using capacitive position feedback, four on-board piezo drivers eliminate the need for external amplifiers and co-ordinate transformation for active trajectory control. A powerful 32-bit DSP and a 24-bit D/A converter offer sub-nm position accuracy and a high bandwidth analogue command interface accommodates analogue position data systems and supports external triggering tasks. Digital linearisation is provided for improved accuracy and plug-and-play auto-calibration allows for interchangeability of positioning systems. The controller comes with a large variety of software tools, LabView drivers and Windows DLLs for easy setup, system optimisation and integration in application specific programmes.


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