MIPOS series

The MIPOS series, from Piezosystem Jena, is the latest nanopositioning product optimised for technical features, such as tilting, stiffness, resonant frequency, and maximum additional mass load.

The nanopositioning actuators of the MIPOS series were developed for highly precise fine focusing of objectives in microscopes and other optical systems. They are characterised by their compact construction and simple, quick assembly. Beginning with the MIPOS 20 with a travel range of 20µm, the piezo positioner line from Piezosystem Jena continues up to the MIPOS 500 with a stroke of 500µm.

Until now, systems like these were used exclusively for moving individual objective lenses. Newly available is the positioner MIPOS N100, which has the capability to move the whole nosepiece with the accuracy and speed expected of piezo-based actuators. With an additional load of 5kg the MIPOS N100 has a resonant frequency of more than 100Hz.