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The E910.84 from Elmos is a PIR (passive infrared) light controller for comfort light applications. The IC is a fully integrated motion detector for PIR sensors, which also allows a manual brightness control.

The Elmos IC reduces the number of external required components to a minimum while still offering maximum interference resistance. An internal circuit for environment temperature compensation as well as low power consumption complete the functions of the E910.84.

The special analogue input enables a direct connection of PIR sensors without the otherwise necessary external signal processing. The subsequent evaluation in the IC is performed purely digital. All usual operating parameters such as sensitivity, on-time etc. are simply defined by the provided parameter inputs.

In addition the E910.84 has a relay output for controlling other applications. The on-time duration can be defined just as with the Triac control. A LED output signalises each motion detected for a simple handling of the parameter settings.