iCAP 6000 Series

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Thermo Electron has launched the iCAP 6000 Series, featuring the compact ICP emission spectrometers, the iCAP 6300 and the iCAP 6500. The iCAP provides excellent resolution, stability and sensitivity and excellent detection limits, which enable enhanced productivity, greater ease of operation and reduced cost of ownership. These novel instruments are specifically suited to the needs of general and elemental analysis laboratories in the environmental, petrochemical, metal, food and beverage, geo-chemical and cement industries.

Thermo’s new iCAP 6000 Series is equipped with a high power, solid state RF generator capable of handling all sample types. A distributed purge system offers reduced gas consumption and improved performance for elements such as arsenic (As), antimony (Sb), selenium (Se) and tellurium (Te). Fully automated wavelength calibration and offset correction ensure excellent long-term stability. The ergonomic design of a large 270° door allows unrestricted access to a large sample compartment and peristaltic pump, while the inner enclosure has a large viewing window for convenient observation of the plasma.