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PicoQuant has released a new version of the system software EasyTau for the FluoTime 300 fluorescence lifetime spectrometer. The EasyTau software has been expanded to integrate Solea or SoleaR supercontinuum lasers into the excitation measurement wizards. The broad wavelength range, variable repetition rates, and tunable light intensity make these lasers a flexible alternative to xenon lamps for recording excitation spectra.

Further highlights of the new EasyTau version include a software-based recognition of the polariser position, making it possible to move them in or out of the beam path without having to restart the software. The scripting language on which the application wizards are based has been extended to include better code highlighting, auto completion, and functions for adding reference curves or Instrument Response Functions (IRFs) to the spectra list.

Every available application wizard creates a ready-to-use script containing all system and measurement settings for the experiment, making it easy to repeat experiments with similar samples. Additionally, these fully customisable scripts are a good starting point for users to develop their own measurement ideas.

The FluoTime 300 is a fully automated fluorescence lifetime spectrometer with steady-state and phosphorescence option. Its software, EasyTau, allows researchers to focus on their samples without concerning themselves with finding the best instrument settings for their experiments.