Gooch & Housego has introduced the EM750 which represents a new generation of OEM narrow-linewidth lasers.

The EM750 stabilises the phase noise of the EM650 with passive G&H fibre optics. The laser phase noise is reduced for frequencies below 15MHz. Linewidths of <10kHz are achievable, sacrificing little of the power. The first versions are rated at 35mW across the 1.55 micron wavelength C-Band. The noise reduction is not wavelength sensitive, so the EM750 can operate over the full tuning range of the DFB (~±75GHz) without compromising linewidth.

The Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) is also low: <-140dBc/Hz across the entire range from 10kHz to 40GHz, making it suitable for demanding analog applications.

Since the EM750 does not rely on active feedback, sensitive external cavities, or other opto-mechanical arrangements the design is stable and scalable. The module is compact at 124 x 78 x 10mm and consumes no more power than an unstabilised DFB module.