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Coherent has developed two new laser pulse energy sensors to measure very high energy/peak power lasers operating at low repetition rates. The first of these EnergyMax sensors is a 50mm diameter YAG/Harmonics detector that can operate at 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm and 266nm without the need to change diffusers or any other accessories.

The second is an IR sensor with a 25mm diameter that can work throughout the 694nm to 2.1µm wavelength range without any reconfiguration. Both sensors enable pulse energy measurements from 1.5mJ to 3J, and are intended for repetition rates of less than 50Hz.

An optional heatsink is available that can easily be attached to the device by the user to increase the maximum energy or average power range. All EnergyMax sensors are now configured as ‘smart’ devices that incorporate onboard electronics to automatically correct for ambient temperature, as well as built-in wavelength compensation factors.

The sensors provide plug and play compatibility with several other Coherent meters (3sigma, FieldMaxII TOP, FieldMaxII-P, EPM1000 and EPM2000 meters).