FizCam DUV interferometer

4D Technology has launched the FizCam DUV (deep ultra-violet) interferometer. The system provides highly accurate measurement of optics and optical systems at 193nm wavelength (DUV) even in the presence of vibration and air turbulence.

The FizCam DUV incorporates a single camera - a high-speed optical phase sensor that makes a measurement in less than 5ms. Because acquisition time is so short, the system can measure accurately despite heavy vibration and air flow, as is typical of DUV compliant clean rooms.

Built to the stringent specifications of DUV optics manufacturing, FizCam DUV components are stainless/electroless nickel plated, and the laser path is entirely contained in a purged nitrogen environment.

The FizCam DUV system includes the interferometer, beam line containment and alignment system, and complete high-speed computer system. Motorised controls include 2x discrete optical zoom, focus, polarisation, input beam alignment, transmission flat tip/tilt and optional return flat tip/tilt.

4Sight wavefront analysis software, included with the FizCam DUV, provides 2D and 3D analysis and visualisation tools, as well as comprehensive filtering, masking, database and import/export functions.