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EO Laser Diode Modules

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Edmund Optics proudly introduces a line of EO Laser Diode Modules, which produces high-quality beams at low cost. These modules are ideal for integration by OEMs and can be used in medical, industrial, and R&D environments. Applications include alignment and positioning, lighting, pointing, machine-vision, and metrology.

The laser diode modules offer stabilized optical output power in good quality TEM00 mode beams that have an M-squared quality measurement less than 1.5. (A perfectly Gaussian beam has an M-squared value of 1.)

The modules incorporate collimating optics within their compact, lightweight anodised aluminium housings. The collimated beams offer a divergence of less than 0.5 mrad. The modules are also focusable.

The line includes 10 modulated and unmodulated models at 635nm and 785nm wavelengths. Output powers range from 1mW to 6mW. Module operating lifetimes at room temperature are 30,000 hours, but they can also be used at temperatures ranging from -10°C to 40°C. The module runs on 5V DC with maximum operating current ranges from 50mA to 100mA, depending on which of the five models is chosen.