EOTPR 5000

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TeraView, a specialist in terahertz technology and solutions, has introduced its fully automated integrated circuit (IC) package inspection system, the EOTPR 5000. Building on the success of the EOTPR 2000, which provides rapid fault isolation and manual inspection, the EOTPR 5000 is a fully automated IC package inspection system that uses TeraView’s EOTPR terahertz technology to detect weak or marginal interconnect quality in high volume manufacturing environments.

Today’s advanced IC packages are susceptible to a variety of faults and quality variations, including solder ball defects such as head-in-pillow failures in package-on-package (PoP) or 2.5/3D packages. These weak or marginal interconnect conditions may not be captured by logic or electrical testers, even if there is a good electrical continuity present.

However, due to the EOTPR 5000’s accuracy and sensitivity, users can now detect minute shifts in impedance changes from weak or marginal interconnects after accelerated life tests or high temperature cycle tests. The same principle applies to the detection and reduction of manufacturing variations to improve packaging-related yield, since the complexity of IC packages is increasing while the feature sizes are decreasing. The goal of the EOTPR 5000 is to improve yield and reliability of today’s advanced IC packages.