Energetiq Technology has introduced the EQ‐99X and EQ‐99XFC Laser‐Driven Light Sources. Based on the EQ‐99 series of Laser‐Driven Light Sources (LDLS), the EQ‐99X‐Series offers ultraclean construction for greater long‐term stability and longer operating life.

The EQ‐99X is a compact, long‐life, high‐brightness, broadband laser‐driven light source. The EQ‐99XFC LDLS contains a fibre‐coupled output, which features new Fibre‐ Protection Technology, shown to improve long‐term deep ultraviolet output by an order of magnitude.

Energetiq’s LDLS products are light sources that produce extreme high brightness over a broad spectral range, from 170nm to 2100nm (UV‐Vis‐NIR). Combined with 10X the lifetime of traditional xenon and deuterium lamps, the LDLS products enable spectroscopy or imaging applications at lower cost of ownership.