EssentOptics supplies spectrophotometers to Lawrence Livermore

EssentOptics is proud to announce successful completion of two important projects in the United States and Israel for the supply PHOTON RT Universal Scanning Spectrophotometers.

The spectrophotometers where installed, commissioned and put into operation at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA) and Rafael (Israel).

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is presently the United States' leading research and development center focusing on a broad range of aspects of national security. The laboratory also conducts research in the natural sciences field, such as energy, ecology, biology and bioengineering. The laboratory is also a home for the National Ignition Facility - large laser-based inertial confinement fusion (ICF) research device.

Rafael is a leading advanced technology company in Israel addressing research, development and production of various defense systems, electronic warfare, computer systems, night vision devices, electro-optical and telemetry systems, etc. The company is one of the 100 largest defense companies in the world.

The PHOTON RT spectrophotometer was selected by our customers meeting the new challenges for accurate measurement of complex optical components with coatings. EssentOptics was approved as a supplier of spectrophotometer offering a winning combination of features and capabilities not present in any other tools on the market today:

- Record-wide wavelength range 190-4900 nm offered in a single instrument.

- Measurement of the transmittance and absolute specular reflectance of optical sample without moving them ensuring data acquisition from the same point on the coated area at any time.

- Unattended 0-75 deg variable angle measurement.

- Unique S- and P- polarization measurement capability in the NIR-MWIR wavelength range (1,0-5,0 um).