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BluGlass GaN lasers produced in Silicon Valley are meeting performance benchmarks

Global semiconductor developer BluGlass has announced that the gallium nitride (GaN) laser diodes produced at its Silicon Valley production facility are now achieving or exceeding contract manufacturer performance benchmarks.

Testing of BluGlass’ first lasers processed at its Fremont fab are demonstrating electrical and light-output performance in-line or better than previous iterations. These results follow the successful transition of p-side processing from contract manufacturers to its Silicon Valley fab. Reliability testing of these lasers has commenced.

BluGlass continues bringing core downstream manufacturing processes in-house, with thinning, cleaving, n-metalisation processes commencing, and facet coating well underway. The Company is targeting vertical integration by the end of FY23.

BluGlass President Jim Haden said, “Vertical integration is key to our commercialisation strategy, enabling us to improve our laser quality, consistency, and performance while significantly speeding development and reducing production costs. This technical milestone demonstrates the importance of operational control in accelerating development turns. Our Silicon Valley production team has commenced work on n-side processing and facet coating capabilities, which is expected to further expedite development, production, and improve laser performance and reliability.”


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