eTEC HV56 thermoelectric coolers

Nextreme Thermal Solutions has introduced its eTEC HV56 module, the latest product in its high-voltage line of thin-film thermoelectric coolers (TECs) designed to address electronics cooling applications with larger heat pumping requirements. At 85°C, the eTEC HV56 can pump 6W or 58W/cm2 of heat in footprint of only 11mm2. The device is 0.6mm high, making it the thinnest, highest heat pumping TEC on the market today.

At 85°C, the eTEC HV56 can create a temperature differential (ΔT) of up to 60°C between its hot and cold sides, and operates at a maximum voltage of 10.8V, making it compatible with commonly found board-level currents and voltages. At 25°C, the device can create a ΔT of up to 50°C with a maximum voltage of 8.8V.

Nextreme engineers are currently working with customers in a variety of industries and applications. These include laser diode cooling, high-speed thermal test heads, and CPU hot spot cooling.