The Evaluator

The Laser Institute of America (LIA) has introduced a web-based laser safety application known as The Evaluator. The application utilises an innovative delivery system to provide a new and improved user experience for laser safety officers of all skill levels; the web-based laser safety hazard analysis system is designed to provide enhanced accessibility, easier navigation and more accurate results.

The LIA offers the Evaluator system on a monthly subscription basis, with three packages and pricing levels to choose from: Advanced, intermediate, or basic, meaning that each organisations is given the flexibility to pay for only features it needs.

The LIA states that its innovative system provides a reliable way to easily double-check laser safety calculations. The system is based on the ANSI Z136.1 American national standard for safe use of lasers, and will perform repeated calculations of maximum permissible exposure (MPE), optical density (OD), nominal ocular hazard distance (NOHD), nominal hazard zone (NHZ), and laser hazard classification.