VG20 glass filter

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Schott has launched its filter glass, VG20, which is designed to block dangerous infrared radiation. It protects against red and near infrared (NIR) radiation at wavelengths above 650nm. The VG20 filter is suitable for use in laser protection goggles and safety glasses for applications such as laser hair removal or skin treatment. 

The VG20 absorbs 50 per cent of the radiation above 565nm, and blocks a thousand times better than conventional glass at an infrared wavelength of 850nm. The filters can be made a third thinner than conventional filter glasses, making safety glasses lighter and more comfortable to wear. Moreover, the wearer is able to see in true colour across the entire visible spectrum.

This filter glass has a high resistance to humidity and heat, and is also permanently transparent and non-corrosive. The properties of the filter can be customised for specific applications by applying additional coatings.