Excelsior One NB 488-50

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Spectra-Physics has introduced the Excelsior One NB 488-50, a narrow bandwidth 488nm direct diode laser for powering bio-instrumentation applications.  The new laser has an excellent centre wavelength specification of less than ±1 nm and at least three times narrower bandwidth than conventional 488nm direct diodes. 

The Excelsior One NB 488-50 is ideal for fluorescence-based applications such as flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, and multi-array readers, and its narrow bandwidth output can be efficiently coupled through an acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF).

The diode outputs up to 50mW at 488nm and has a laser-to-laser centre wavelength variation of less than ±1 nm. TIt delivers a typical FWHM linewidth of <0.5nm and low noise of <0.5 per cent rms that leads to highest signal-to-noise-ratio and more accurate results.

This new model is an addition to the Excelsior One product line that’s based on Spectra-Physics’ It’s In the Box design, where the laser cavity, narrow band enabling components, and control electronics are integrated into a single, compact package, thereby eliminating unnecessary cables and external controllers.