Excitation-laser coupling unit for microscope

WITec has launched a multi-wavelength excitation-laser coupling unit for the Alpha300 and Alpha500 microscope series. With the introduction of the coupling unit, WITec has further advanced the ease-of-use of its microscope series. It is now possible to switch between up to three laser sources by the simple rotation of a filter wheel. Calibration and alignment of the laser beam path is guaranteed at all positions assuring accurate and variable Raman Imaging.

Each excitation wavelength features a high-quality and wavelength optimised filter set, enabling the highest throughput and greatly contributes to the exceptional speed and sensitivity of WITec's systems. Experiments specifically requiring a variety of lasers, for example, to eliminate fluorescence can benefit from such a multi-laser setup, making the Alpha300 and Alpha500 series even more versatile and applicable to a wide range of applications.