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WITec has launched the alpha300 access micro-Raman system in conjunction with a thorough revision of the long-established alpha300 series.

WITec’s line of microscopes for Raman spectroscopy and imaging, atomic force microscopy and near-field microscopy all share a unique modularity that allows for single-technique solutions as well as correlative imaging configurations. Additional methods of analysis can be integrated with any instrument in the series at any time.

The newly-developed alpha300 access microscope is an entry-level system for micro-Raman single-spot analysis and Raman mapping that extends WITec’s product portfolio to lower price segments. Its spectral quality, optical throughput and signal sensitivity are ensured by the WITec’s optical element design.

The latest overhaul of the alpha300 series has made it quicker, more flexible and more sensitive. Both outright performance and enhanced user-friendliness were prioritised in tandem.

Vital to the most recent wave of technical innovation at WITec is the latest optical fibre technology; guaranteeing an extremely high light transmission rate while augmenting the inherent modularity of the alpha300 series. The WITec UHTS spectrometer series with an array of focal lengths and spectral ranges provides optimised spectroscopic systems for individual applications.