Explorer One XP 355-2

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Spectra-Physics has introduced three new additions to its Explorer One line of ultra-compact actively Q-switched diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers with enhanced UV performance. At UV power levels of up to >2W and pulse energies up to 100µJ, the new Explorer One lasers are ideal for micromachining and marking of metals, plastics, ceramics, sapphire and other materials for microelectronics, medical devices, energy storage, and other demanding applications.

Explorer One XP 355-2 provides more than 2W of UV power, for micromachining and marking materials including battery foils, sapphire and plastics. It outputs >800 mW of UV power, more than double the 300mW output of the previous version, enabling compact, cost-effective systems.

The laser delivers a typical pulse energy of 100µJ at 10kHz repetition rate for UV marking of challenging materials and devices, including ceramics and polymers in implantable medical devices.

Also available at 532nm, the Explorer One integrates the power supply and laser head into a single package. The instrument has been tested to endure bare product shock and vibration with accelerations of more than 200g, making it perfect for use on moving gantries.