Extended Precision Package (EPP)

4D Technology has introduced the Extended Precision Package (EPP), which provides more than 2X improvement in optics surface measurement precision for the PhaseCam 6000 Dynamic Interferometer.

Extended precision metrology is critical for controlling optics polishing methods such as ion beam etching and Magnetorheological Finishing (MRF). These methods can create features with higher spatial frequency than traditional polishing methods; therefore, the metrology used to verify the polishing must also have higher precision in these frequencies. The EPP option for the PhaseCam 6000 meets this challenge by extending precision by more than 4x in this critical spatial range.

The PhaseCam 6000 is a compact and lightweight laser interferometer, which utilises Dynamic Interferometry to make high-speed surface measurements despite vibration or air turbulence. With a fibre-coupled measurement head and motorised controls, the PhaseCam 6000 is ideal for use in on-machine metrology and other challenging environments. Applications include feedback for polishing of large, focal optics, verification of optical systems such as concave telescope mirrors and lens systems, and measurement of moving components such as deformable mirrors and adaptive optics.

The Extended Precision Package, which includes an electronics/optics unit and 5-metre fibre, greatly increases quality and throughput for optics manufacturers using modern polishing methods.