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FAPO 40, FAPO 50 and FAPO 65

The new Owis fibre positioners allow sensitive adjustment in the nanometre range. They are the perfect choice for a reliable light or fibre alignment, for example, in microscopy and fibre optics. The FAPO's are available in three sizes from June 2015.

The Owis fibre positioners FAPO 40, FAPO 50 and FAPO 65 enable positioning fibres with nanometre precision in all dimensions. For fastening fibres, the positioners are available with either an FC or SMA adapter. Equipped with the high-precision micrometers MS 10 a setting sensitivity of 20nm is reached. The FAPO 40 and 65 are additionally available with the Owis fine-thread screws FGS 15 providing a spindle pitch of 0.15mm. Furthermore, they are especially suitable for applications limited in space and offer an excellent price-performance ratio.

The fibre positioner FAPO 50 allows users to adjust three axes with high precision. The FAPO 40 and FAPO 65 are designed for up to four axes. Of course, they are compatible with the optical beam handling systems SYS 40 and SYS 65 and thus allow flexible working. By reliable and precise positioning, they contribute to an efficient operation.


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