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Limes 84N and Limes 84N-IMS

Limes 84N and Limes 84N-IMS high-precision linear stages have been introduced by Owis. With their excellent positioning properties, these linear stages are particularly suitable for use in research and development, where the highest precision is required. The Limes series is also suited to industrial use, and after a comprehensive revision the motorised positioners will be available from Q1 2016.

With a height of just 38mm, the Limes 84N and Limes 84N-IMS are suitable for use in limited spaces, while the motor is almost completely encapsulated, so that damper and encoder cannot be damaged. Furthermore, the Limes with step motor and the Limes with DC servo motor use the same 26-pin connection. With the new mounting grid, installation of the linear stages is possible without removing the cover.

The Limes 84N and Limes 84N-IMS are available with different travel ranges of up to 270mm, with two-phase step motor or DC servo motor with encoder. All linear stages within the product line can be combined and mounted arbitrarily, and thus allow flexible working. Vacuum-prepared versions are available on request.


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