FemtoTrain Imaging

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High Q Laser has released a new femtosecond light source for multi-photon microscopy. FemtoTrain Imaging is a compact, all-in-one, diode-pumped, Ti:Sapphire oscillator.

FemtoTrain Imaging offers light pulses with a duration of 100fs at an average power of 200mW. Its pulse width is optimised for minimal broadening in multi-photon microscope systems. It is available at fixed centre wavelengths of 790, 810, 850 or 870nm, respectively, optimised for the most popular two-photon microscopy dyes.

FemtoTrain Imaging incorporates, at a footprint of only 53 x 20cm, an fs-resonator and pump laser in one monolithic housing. The semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) assures passive and self-starting mode locking, offering a robust and stable system.

It is an ideal femtosecond laser source for two-photon microscopy due to its compact size, its hands-free, true turnkey operation and its attractive price.

FemtoTrain Imaging is designed to excite, by two-photon-absorption, all fluorescent proteins (GFP, CFP and YFP) and other relevant dyes such as Alexa Fluor 633, DiA, Lucifer Yellow, Oregon Green and Sytox Green. A module for negative dispersion is optional available for compensating the dispersion in the optics path.