FiberMax532 laser

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AMS Technologies has launched the FiberMax532 from Blue Sky Research (BSR). The new green laser modules with polarisation maintaining or single mode optical fibre complete BSR’s line of fibre-pigtailed modules.

The FiberMax532 provides coupling efficiency and stability. The output from the fibre is a near perfect circular Gaussian beam with low aberrations. The single mode fibre is specified with a numerical Aperture of 0.13, whereas the typical mode field diameter is approximately 3.5µm. The FiberMax 532 features a typical output power of 5mW and a thermally stable design. The units are offered with 3mm or 0.9mm jacketing and a range of collimator options.

The separation of the beam delivery system from the diode laser itself simplifies electrical design, thermal management, beam quality and stability considerations. The fibre can be positioned anywhere in the optical delivery system and the laser can be located at any convenient point, giving instrumentation designers more flexibility.

FiberMax 532 modules are an ideal solution as aiming laser for industrial high-power fibre lasers. Further applications are measurement technologies and bioanalytics.