Fibre-based power monitors, polarisers, and isolaters

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Fiberlogix has introduced a range of passive components designed for high power lasers, including power monitors, polarisers, and isolators. The devices are suitable for wavelengths around 2µm.

The company's in-line power monitors can be embedded into modular laser architectures to enable distributed power monitoring in all sections of a laser. The compact monitors can be interfaced with DSP in order to increase the reliability of high power systems and allow performance optimisation. The monitors are designed on custom fibres with an extended power range (mW to kW) and loss of less than 0.1dB.

The company's polarisers are designed for materials processing applications, where using a polarised beam increases the efficiency of cutting and marking processes. The company's in-line polarisers are designed for MOPA systems for seed/1st amplifier polarisation, and electronically controlled polarisers are also available.

Finally, the company's new isolators are suitable for powers up to 20W, providing protection of pump diodes and power combiners in high power laser applications.