PicoFlash microchip laser

Teem Photonics has introduced the PicoFlash 355nm, 140kHz passively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser. Distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions, the PicoFlash combines an advanced amplifier architecture with a state-of-the-art high performance passively Q-switched micro-laser to deliver close to 1W of 355nm light with pulse duration of 700ps at a repetition rate of 140kHz. The specially engineered, compact laser head has low power dissipation and the excellent Gaussian-like TEM00 beam quality of the laser enables tight focusing and high power densities.

A PQS microchip laser is the seed of PicoFlash and sets the short pulse width while the fibre amplifier provides the gain, compactly and efficiently. This Master Oscillator Fibre Amplifier (MOFA) architecture enables a constant, ultra-short pulse width, while allowing the user to vary the laser pulse energy (peak power). The output is free-space coupled, preserving peak power and beam quality.

Teem Photonics manufacture the range of MicroChip lasers. These passively Q-Switched lasers produce high peak power, high repetition rate, short pulses from compact, turnkey packages.