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Finesse 12

Laser Quantum has introduced the Finesse 12, its most powerful laser to date, offering 12W of true CW output, low noise (0.15 per cent RMS) and a 532nm wavelength suitable for Ti:sapphire pumping applications. The laser features a proprietary cavity design, which achieves a highly stable, ultra-quiet CW output in a diffraction-limited beam (M2 <1.1). The laser is contained in a compact and robust package with integrated cooling mechanisms allowing for easy installation and integration into OEM systems. The patented cavity is fibre-fed from the pump diode, which is housed in the power supply, thereby removing the heat load from the head and enabling stable, low-noise operation.

Other features across the Finesse range include power feedback, a physical shutter and a zero-stress cavity optical design. The power supply features a large LCD screen, self-optimisation, intuitive controls, an RS232 interface and Laser Quantum's RemoteCal technology, which allows access to the system via a modem port.


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