Firefly 200W, 808nm high-speed imaging laser

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Oxford Lasers has introduced a 200W near-infrared (808nm) high-speed imaging laser, the Firefly.

Designed as a powerful, versatile illumination source, the laser enhances a high-speed camera's capabilities, making it suitable for many high-speed imaging tasks, including particle image velocimetry (PIV), flow visualisation, spray pattern control, particle sizing, and weld viewing. The Firefly features integrated, adjustable optics, which allow the output light to be changed from area illumination to a light sheet (with adjustable thickness and throw). The compact, air-cooled, sealed head protects the laser optics and makes the system splash proof.

With pulse durations as short as 500ns, and repetition frequency up to 10kHz, the Firefly laser features accurate control of pulse duration, many triggering options, programmable delay and up to 10 pulse burst mode. The simple front-panel and computer control option allow integration with Oxford Lasers' particle sizing, spray pattern control, and PIV software.