Blue Compact diode

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DILAS, the diode laser company now offers a diode laser system in visible blue wavelength at 450nm suitable for a range of applications in illumination and materials processing.

At 450nm, the new wavelength delivers both high power and brightness within the COMPACT platform, up to 25 watt output power from a 200μm or 400μm (NA 0.22) fiber. Specifically, the COMPACT series offers integrated, easy-to-use platforms of small physical size and facilitates ease of use and operational versatility. The system is equipped with a standard interface used for external control and does not require DI-water due to DILAS’ passive cooling technology. DILAS also offers 19-inch rack-mountable cooling unit and fiber cables in various lengths.

Furthermore, the 450nm modules are scalable up to 100W optical output power. Other applications of illumination include the illumination of phosphorous materials for the generation of white light or the so called “red material processing” as in processing gold and copper. In addition, current investigations are ongoing for applications in the field of solid- state laser pumping such as Ti:Sapphire lasers or Praseodymium pumping at 444nm.

The COMPACT platform has a field proven track record with hundreds of systems being installed worldwide and DILAS’ customer base can rely on the quality and longevity of the offered product.