Flatfoot laser protection screens

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Lasermet has launched its new Flatfoot laser blocking screen, providing protection from stray laser radiation. Already installed in the UK, these lightweight, semi-permanent screens are easily positioned by two people to provide a safe working environment. The screens are 2m tall and 1.55m wide, with a thickness of 25mm. Laser blocking material within the screens allows them to block even high powered lasers. The screens' flat feet eliminate any trip hazard, and provide a professional clean appearance for laboratory environments. Finished in a white powder-coating on both sides, the screens form walls using the easily assembled, right-angled or straight-line connectors.

Most Class 4 and many Class 3B lasers present an eye hazard over long distances, and it is therefore imperative to have comprehensive laser safety protection in place wherever they are present. Laser radiation must be prevented from escaping through the windows of laboratories and production facilities. Ordinary curtains or screens are rarely capable of stopping a laser beam, and specially-designed blocking products are required. Similarly, production facilities utilising Class 1 lasers which are Class 4 under service conditions require ceiling-mounted curtains or free-standing screens made from a suitable material to allow other work to continue safely in the same room during service.