FLIM & FCS Upgrade Kit

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PicoQuant and Nikon present a new level of software cooperation in their FLIM & FCS Upgrade Kit for Nikon A1 and C2 laser scanning microscopes (LSM). A specially developed interface between PicoQuant's SymPhoTime 64 and Nikon's NIS-Elements allows direct time-resolved data acquisition out of the Nikon software.

The expanded software interface significantly improves FLIM and FCS data acquisition. It enables straightforward recording of new acquisition schemes like time series FLIM, 3D FLIM images, as well as single and multipoint measurements for FCS. Online previews of the main parameters (Fast FLIM, FCS, time-traces, or TCSPC histograms) allow to quickly optimize data acquisition.
The excellent performance of FLIM and FCS data acquisition is achieved by an improved software handshake thus providing an unlimited flexibility, unprecedented automation, and user-friendliness for numerous acquisition schemes. This integration of the SymPhoTime 64 software is available for NIS-Elements software of version 4.30 and higher. 

With this development, PicoQuant and Nikon again demonstrate the continuous improvement of the FLIM & FCS Upgrade Kit not only for the newest LSM types but also for older and established models to assure constant and high-quality customer support.

PicoQuant's FLIM & FCS Upgrade Kit is a complete set of instruments that can be adapted to all Nikon LSMs in various configurations. The upgrade kit extends the capabilities of the LSM towards time-resolved measurements with a resolution down to picoseconds and allows users to perform various analyses on this time scale.