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FLIM systems with Zeiss Big 2 detectors

The Becker-hickl FLIM systems for the Zeiss LSM 710 / 780 / 880 laser scanning microscopes record high-efficiency FLIM and FCS with the Zeiss BiG 2 detectors.

The detectors feature high efficiency, low thermal background, and low afterpulsing. FLIM systems with the Big 2 detectors can be used for confocal FLIM with diode laser excitation, for multiphoton FLIM with Ti:Sa laser or OPO excitation, and for FCS. Data of the two channels of the detector are recorded in parallel channels of the FLIM system. With bh’s recently introduced Megapixel technology, FLIM can be recorded with up to 2048 x 2048 pixels, and 256 time channels per pixel. FCS is recorded at high signal-to-noise ratio, without any signs of spurious signals.


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