Flir GF346 Thermal Imaging Camera

Flir Advanced Thermal Solutions has announced the new Flir GF346 Thermal Imaging Camera.

Able to remotely scan large areas rapidly, and pinpoint gas leaks in real time, the Flir GF346 is ideal for safely monitoring plants where it is difficult to reach components with contact measurement tools such as gas sniffers.

Carbon monoxide (CO) emissions can pose a significant threat to primary steel manufacturing operations and other industries where CO emissions need to be closely watched. Even the slightest leak in a vent stack or pipe can have a devastating effect. The FLIR GF346 enables fast detection of CO emissions thereby helping to ensure safety, protect the environment and save money by finding leaks that decrease profit.

The new Flir GF346 is capable of finding carbon monoxide and other toxic gases or vapours including acetonitrile, acetyl cyanide, arsine, bromine isocyanate, chlorine isocyanate, chlorodimethylsilane, cyanogen bromide, dichloromethylsilane, ethenone, ethyl thiocyanate, germane, hexyl isocyanide, ketene, methyl thiocyanate and nitrous oxide and silane.