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Cedip Infrared Systems, in conjunction with its subsidiary Polytech AB, has launched the new Flytherm Airborne Target Signature Analysis system.

Nowadays as warfare and security scenarios become increasingly complex, there is a definitive and growing need to completely identify and characterise the target signature of threats, whatever the environment, viewing distance or relative angular position.

Flytherm is a complete 4-axis gimbal system capable of hosting a variety of high performance SWIR, MWIR and LWIR focal plane array sensors with real-time storage capabilities and post processing image analysis. Compact in design (350mm diameter) the typical weight of Flytherm may vary between 20 and 30kg allowing its use even with slow-speed or small helicopters.

Flytherm can be tailored to meet the exact needs of each user, with a unique combination of two or three thermal sensors, collimated along with a visible camera for control purposes. A choice of sensor formats (320 x 256 and 640 x 512) and lenses are available to suit the resolution and field-of-view requirements of different applications. Flytherm can also host multispectral cameras, and, depending on the installed payload, will readily integrate a wide range of third party instruments.

All communications and digital video data are streamed out to the cabin acquisition system and recorded using the comprehensive, yet intuitive, functionality of Cedip's Satir/Altair multi-acquisition signature software.