Foba M-Series

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Foba has announced its Foba M-Series, a new suite of advanced laser marking workstations, which are for economic high-precision parts marking. Available in two sizes and with three models each – with work table, rotary table and expandable to five axes – the Foba M-Series enables the processing of multiple part sizes. The product will be available from September.

The M-Series allows customers to stay flexible as the novel workstations adapt to the customer’s laser process and not vice versa. The different workstation models are dimensioned for maximum use of space and possess optimal machine accessibility. Additionally, all M-Series workstations are height adjustable and possess a control panel that can either be mounted on the right or the left side of the workstation.

Combined with Foba IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning), the rigid M-Series workstations enable precise and repeatable markings and guarantee process reliability. Foba IMP detects work pieces and their position automatically and aligns the marking accordingly. Also changes regarding the component geometry and position or defective parts are identified and the processing will be adjusted accordingly. Thus, the use of IMP avoids incorrect markings and leads to less scrap.