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FemtoFiber ultra NIR

Available from Toptica, the FemtoFiber ultra NIR is a turnkey laser system that provides femtosecond laser pulses of more than 500mW average power.

The system is suited to applications in nonlinear microscopy, such as effective two-photon excitation of fluorescent proteins and SHG based contrast mechanisms, as well as micro-lithography. Experiments in fundamental physics will also benefit from the high output power of the laser. It provides pulses with a spectrum centred at 780nm, and duration below 150fs.

The system integrates a patented SESAM-mode-locked fibre-ring oscillator and a new high-power fibre amplifier. Polarisation-maintaining, active fibers are used to ensure reliability. Based on a fundamental wavelength of 1560nm with a repetition rate of 80MHz for oscillator and amplifier, the FemtoFiber ultra NIR uses a frequency-doubling stage, which converts the amplified output spectrum to 780nm. Due to an efficient frequency-conversion process, more than 500mW average power is available at 780nm with a clean TEM00-mode free-space output.

The laser requires no water-cooling for a stable operation, and can be controlled via Ethernet connection with a GUI that enables user-friendly access to all laser parameters.


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