FPS3010 interferometric displacement sensor

Attocube’s award winning FPS3010 - the ultra-high sensitivity, high bandwidth interferometric displacement sensor – is now available with new sensor heads. These were specifically designed for the use in extremely confined spaces: With a diameter of only 1.2 millimeters the ultra-compact ‘xxs’ heads can now even perform measurements in applications, which simply had not been accessible for metrological instruments before.

The currently worldwide smallest sensor heads revolutionize existing measurement technology and open up completely new applications in various fields. Due to their miniature dimensions, several sensor heads can easily be integrated even in the tiniest areas. The fiber-based design allows for flexible alignment, thus making multi-axis measurements an easy task.

The new xxs sensor heads are the perfect solution for nano-precise, contactless measurements in extremely limited space conditions. Despite their small size, they deliver dynamic working ranges of up to 8 cm. For larger distances up to 3 meters, attocube offers the option of additional various head sizes (Ø 4 mm, 14 mm & 22 mm).