Freedom UV

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Ibsen Photonics, a provider of fused silica transmission gratings and industrial grade spectrometer modules, has announced the new Freedom UV spectrometer platform for OEM supply to manufacturers of analytical instruments.

The Freedom platform combines compact size and cost efficiency with high performance and flexibility in choice of detector system, the company says. Due to its robustness and thermally stable operation, the spectrometer is suited to integration into high-performance industrial instruments.

The ultra compact size of only 25 x 48 x 16mm makes Freedom one of the smallest spectrometers on the market. Despite the compact size, the spectrometer provides a low stray light level and high efficiency due to the use of Ibsen Photonics' in-house produced transmission gratings. Optical resolution can be as good as 0.5nm and the f-number (f/3.1) is among the best for ultra compact spectrometers on the market.

Freedom UV covers 190 to 435nm and supports several commonly used CCDs, BT-CCDs, and MOS detectors.