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Edinburgh Instruments has launched the FS5, a fully integrated steady state spectrometer with single photon sensitivity, designed for the research and analytical market. The FS5 has a number of features, including ultimate single photon sensitivity throughout the specified spectral range, high data acquisition speed, easy to operate software, and a range of plug-and-play sample cassette options.

In addition to the standard version, the FS5 is offered with a number of options: the FS5-NIR option with extended wavelength coverage to 1,000nm; the FS5-MCS phosphorescence lifetime option with a lifetime range of microseconds-to-seconds; the FS5-TCSPC option for measuring fluorescence lifetimes from picoseconds to microseconds using Time Correlated Single Photon Counting; the FS5-POL with fully automated polarisers in excitation and emission; and two further advanced options with an extended wavelength range to 1,650nm and with time resolution down to 50ps.