Fusion and Synergy femtosecond oscillators

Femtolasers has introduced its Femtosource Fusion and Femtosource Synergy families of femtosecond laser oscillators, featuring dispersive mirror (DM) based ultrafast Ti:Sapphire oscillators that combine high performance with ease of operation. Applications for the 5-20fs range oscillators include seeding, teraHertz sources, optical coherence tomography (OCT), materials processing, spectroscopy, and all nonlinear physics that can benefit from high peak powers.

The high efficiency of the DM cavity guarantees low cost of ownership, while the radical reduction in the number of its components yields solid passive stability combined with good laser parameters. The new Synergy and Fusion product families share the same platform designed for maximum passive stability. The Synergy product accommodates a variety of pump-lasers, while the Fusion comes with an integrated pump-laser in combination with Greenalign active stabilisation for your comfort. Greenalign is an opto-mechanical component developed for our industrial grade Integral oscillators, setting the leading level of stability and allowing for generation of ultrafast laser pulses with ease of operation.