Hamamatsu Photonics has introduced its G10768-1024D InGaAs linear image sensors and the new C10854 multichannel detector head to measure foreign bodies in the near infrared range of 800nm to 1700nm.

The G10768 device features 1024 individual InGaAs photodiode pixels, combined with a low noise CMOS trans-impedance amplifier and multi-plexor readout circuit, to simplify operation. In addition a selectable feedback capacitance is available allowing choice of on-chip gain to increase dynamic range.

When used with the new C10854 multichannel detector head, the G10768 becomes a very powerful tool. The C10854 allows easy operation of the G10768, offering a high-speed readout, single +5 V supply voltage, 16-bit AD converter and simple CamerLink interface.

Applications for the G10768 and C10854 include the infrared inspection of products. This covers process monitoring, the detection of foreign bodies such as glass, re-cycling and the sorting of different plastic materials, and the analysis of sugars and proteins and fats for food inspection.