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L13201MA LED, P13243, and MEMS FPI C13272

Hamamatsu Photonics has released four new products: the L13201MA LED, the P13243 detector, and the MEMS FPI C13272.

The L13201MA LED emits at 4.3µm; the ideal wavelength for measuring CO² via the scattering/ absorption spectroscopy method. Offering radiant flux three times greater than any other CO² LED on the market, this high output is achieved by employing our unique crystal growth and wafer process technology.

The MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) FPI C13272 is a single element detector that is able to give spectral information by utilising a Fabray-Perot Interferometer. 

A voltage controls the size of the gap between two mirrors in a MEMS structure. The size of this gap determines the wavelength of light that is allowed to pass through. By quickly changing the voltage across these mirrors, the structure acts as a tuneable filter. This means that the user effectively has a spectrometer but with the low cost and small footprint of a single element sensor. 

The P13243 detector is an InAsSb (Indium Arsenide Antimonite) sensor, which provides an eco-friendly alternative to Lead Salt detectors while still maintaining a competitive sensitivity. The detector offers high sensitivity over 2.5µm to 5.3µm range with detectivity peaking at 1x10^9 (cmHz/W). Since these detectors are uncooled, they have low power consumption and a similarly low price; making it competitive with pyrometer technology. Since these detectors are photovoltaic, they also require much simpler electronics.


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