G2T scan system

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A lightning-fast laser storm has developed in Dortmund and is poised to brighten the spirits of solar power system manufacturers with an enormous boost in productivity. The storm in question is LIMO's g2T scan system, which, according to the company, is the world's fastest "Gaussian-to-Top Hat" converter with integrated scanning technology.

"Our g2T scan system deserves its own entry in the Guinness Book of World Records," says Klaus Reinecke, Vice President Sales at LIMO Lissotschenko Mikrooptik. "What other comparable system on the market can handle laser structuring at a scan speed of 20 m/sec?"

Introduced in 2013, this potentially record-breaking complete solution for users in the photovoltaic industry is specially designed for laser direct structuring with single-mode lasers (532 nm). Thanks to its 160 by 160 mm² scan field (spot size of 75 x 75 µm²), the system is primarily suitable for use in the structuring of solar cells. This incredibly compact system is ideal for the ultrafast, high-precision laser structuring of six-inch solar wafers. Due in no small part to its extremely fast operation, the performance of this complete module is not only more accurate, but also more cost-effective than that of other systems. Other highlights of the g2T scan system, which features a closed optical core with integrated galvo mirrors and a custom-made F-theta lens, include the quality of its written lines and the flexibility to freely program and quickly modify the cell design.

"Our system will surely inspire manufacturers of solar energy equipment to come up with completely new ideas," says Klaus Reinecke, Vice President Sales at LIMO. "Some examples of possible processes would be the doping of selective emitters on silicon solar cells and the targeted opening of layers. Partner with our application engineers to discover new applications for our record-breaking system." There will be a few good opportunities to do so this fall, for example by meeting LIMO experts in person at the International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics (ICALEO) in San Diego, CA, USA (19 - 23 October 2014) or at the Glasstec trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany (booth 11A07 in Hall 11, 21 - 24 October 2014). 

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