Gauss filter for SuperK lasers

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NKT Photonics has launched its new Gauss filtering accessory for its SuperK line of supercontinuum fibre lasers for OCT and white light interferometry applications. The Gauss harnesses the wide spectral bandwidth of the SuperK Extreme supercontinuum lasers and provides a Gaussian-like spectrum. For OCT, the SuperK Gauss provides two high power spectral outputs centred at 800nm and 1,300nm, with bandwidths of up to 200nm, through single mode fibre using the SuperK fibre delivery system. Similar configurations are also available for white light interferometry applications. The SuperK Gauss also allows the tuning of the centre wavelength of each band over 200nm.  

The SuperK series of industrial supercontinuum lasers and accessories are used in biomedical instrumentation for applications in imaging and analysis. All SuperK lasers are based on a monolithic fibre platform and need no alignment, no warm up time and have lifetimes exceeding industry standards. The SuperK series is based on a telecom-grade monolithic fibre platform and is produced on semi-automated equipment, enabling high quality with consistent production and constantly improved life time.