Gen2 Ultrafast Time-of-Flight Detector

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Photonis USA has introduced a 40mm size to its Gen2 UltraFast Time-of-Flight Detector product line. The Gen2 UltraFast product line can now support input areas from 18mm to 40mm and allows a TOF mass spectrometer to increase its mass resolution simply by replacing the detector.

In mass spectrometry instrumentation, resolution is often limited by the performance of the detector. The Gen2 UltraFast TOF Detector line is designed to address two major areas that affect resolution in time-of-flight mass spectrometry: microchannel plate (MCP) flatness and anode spacing. The new Gen2 detectors are equipped with the company's MountingPad microchannel plates to reduce anode spacing, and uses TruFlite MCP flatness technology for a significant reduction in time jitter. These technologies combine to produce a detector with exceptional levels of detection sensitivity and mass resolution.

The Gen2 UltraFast TOF Detector line provides typical pulse widths of less than 200ps and a near-symmetric 120ps rise and fall time. The TOF detector offers built-in beam parallelism to provide uniform ion conversion, and is designed for front flange mount.